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DROBO B1200i Expander Card DR-B1200I-1E11 908-70003-001

Tarjeta De Expansión DROBO B1200i DR-B1200I-1E11 908-70003-001

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DROBO B1200i Expander Card DR-B1200I-1E11 908-70003-001


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The 12 Bay SAN Storage for Business Expander Card from Drobo is ideal for critical business applications as this expander card allows fans and power supplies to be replaced without taking the Drobo down. It gives you enhanced availability and serviceability for a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

    Hot-swappable cooling fan unit 

    Dual, redundant, hot-swappable power supplies 

    Drive spin down 

    Data-aware tiering 

    Drive re-ordering 

    Virtual hot spare 

    Dual disk redundancy 

    Automatic protection levels 

    Mixed drive size utilization 

    Thin and instant provisioning 

    3.5" SATA 1 / SATA II or SAS 3.0 Gbps drives 

    Instant expansion