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Disco Duro Seagate 1TB ST1000LM014 64MB 2.5" SATA SSHD Laptop Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive

Disco Duro Seagate 1TB ST1000LM014 64MB 2.5" SATA SSHD Laptop Solid...

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Disco Duro Seagate 1TB ST1000LM014 64MB 2.5" SATA SSHD Laptop Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive


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Product Details

Product Information
This SATA, Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) made by Seagate allows you to add capacity without complexity, allowing you to get the most from your laptop, tablet, or gaming console. Seagate has set the standard in electronic storage products, and this 2.5-inch, 1TB, 5400RPM internal drive does not disappoint with its unparalleled speed and large capabilities.If you need quick-performing flash memory technology but the space of a traditional hard disk, then an SSHD is the perfect solution. This technology type combines the performance of a solid-state storage device (SSD) with the traditional advantages of hard drive (HDD) technology. SSD products are considered the quickest, thinnest, and most durable storage drive options. On average, they last the longest. However, a drawback is that most don't offer as much space as an HDD. To solve this dilemma, the hybrid device combines the quick booting times and high read/write performance needed for multitasking with the roominess of a hard drive. There's no need to sacrifice space by opting for a slower performing disk. Seagate offers the best of both worlds with this device. This model, the ST1000lM014 laptop version, features 8GB of NAND Flash memory, the memory technology normally used in an SSD. When combined with a disk speed of 5,400 rotations per minute (RPM) or 6 GB/s, it makes for a boot up time which is four times faster than a traditional 5400 RPM HDD. In fact, with the added NAND, the device performs more like a 7200RPM disk. The 64MB cache also ensures smooth compatibility between the drive and the other components of the device, such as the processor. No more waiting for web pages to load or losing online games due to a slow-performing computer. While the flash technology allows for worry-free multitasking or gaming, the 1TB of space provides a gigantic amount of room for even the largest programs. There is plenty of space left over for a huge library of photos, videos, and music. This works great for office workers as well as for casual home users. At 9.5mm, this Seagate SSHD is the perfect fit for almost all mobile devices, as well as your PC, Mac, tablet or game console. It even comes with easy do-it-yourself upgrade solutions, allowing you to customize this model to fit your needs. The form factor on this model is a common 2.5-inch. While this is a hybrid drive, it installs as easily as any traditional hard drive due to its all-in-one design. It works beautifully on a desktop computer, but its thin design makes it ideal for laptops and gaming devices such as PlayStation.This laptop model offers the results that you need, the performance you desire, along with a name you trust. There's no need to choose between the multitasking functionality of a SSD and the large, storing capacity of a traditional hard disk drive, when you have space for all of your data with this SSHD by Seagate.
Product Identifiers
Brand Seagate
MPN ST1000LM014
UPC 0763649042670
Model Laptop SSHD
eBay Product ID (ePID) 144311191
Product Key Features
Cache 64MB
Features Hybrid (HDD/SSD)
Rotation Speed 5400RPM
Weight 0.21lbs.
Width 2.75in.
Height 0.37in.
Depth 3.94in.
Additional Product Features
Drive Interface Sata Ncq
Platform PC Products
Form Factor 2.5"
Storage Capacity 1000GB
Enclosure Internal
Type Sshd (Solid State Hybrid Drive)