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Cargador original HP 681058-001 / 697317-001 150W 19.5V  7.69a (19V 7.9A)

Cargador original HP 681058-001 / 697317-001 150W 19.5V 7.69a (19V ...

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Cargador original HP 681058-001 / 697317-001 150W 19.5V 7.69a (19V 7.9A)

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Item Specification

INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 19.5V 7.69A (19V 7.9A) 150W 

Connecter size: 7.4 mm×5.0 mm, with pin inside  (ref to the picture).

Outlet: 3-prong

Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug

Status: Brand new original & genuine


Package includes:

1 X AC Adapter

1 X Free Power cord(fit your country)


Replace Part Number


681058-001, 697317-001 TPC-DA52, 681058-002, 849652-002, 849652-003, 852160-800 ,693707-001


Compatible Models



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HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q180st

HP Pavilion All-in-One CTO 23-Q180ST

Original / Genuine HP COMPAQ 19V 7.9A 150W AC Adapter Power Supply.

Fit For: 

HP AIO 200-5110uk 200-5112uk 200-5120uk 200-5130uk Desktop PC

HP Compaq Pro 4300 All-in-One Business PC

HP dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC 

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HP Pavilion HDX9004TX HDX9004XX HDX9005TX HDX9006TX

HP Pavilion HDX9007TX HDX9008TX HDX9009TX HDX9010TX

HP Pavilion HDX9011TX HDX9013TX HDX9050EF HDX9050EG

HP Pavilion HDX9050EL HDX9050EO HDX9050ES HDX9070EO

HP Pavilion HDX9080LA HDX9090EA HDX9090EF HDX9095EA

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HP Pavilion HDX9104TX HDX9105TX HDX9106TX HDX9107TX

HP Pavilion HDX9108TX HDX9109TX HDX9110TX HDX9111TX


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HP TouchSmart 310-1200 Desktop PC Series

HP TouchSmart 310-1200fr 310-1200it 310-1200z CTO 310-1205la          

  HP TouchSmart 310-1205uk 310-1210es 310-1210la 310-1211cn            

 HP TouchSmart 310-1218cn 310-1220jp 310-1220la 310-1220uk           

   HP TouchSmart 310-1230jp 310-1236d 310-1238d 310-1258cn

HP TouchSmart 320-1100 Desktop PC Series


HP TouchSmart 320-1102la 320-1115la 320-1120a 320-1120jp               

HP TouchSmart 320-1120m CTO 320-1122la 320-1130a 320-1130jp             

HP TouchSmart 320-1131 320-1135a 320-1135la 320-1139d               

 HP TouchSmart 320-1140a 320-1140d 320-1150 320-1150jp              

 HP TouchSmart 320-1158cn 320-1168hk

HP TouchSmart 600-1100 Desktop PC Series



HP TouchSmart 600-1100kr 600-1105xt CTO 600-1110br 600-1120

 600-1120la 600-1130af 600-1130be 600-1130cs 600-1130de 600-1130fr 

600-1130gr 600-1130me 600-1130pl 600-1130ru 600-1130sc 600-1130tr 

600-1130za 600-1135es 600-1135it 600-1135uk 600-1136d 600-1137d 

600-1138d 600-1139tw 600-1140be 600-1140ch 600-1140cs 600-1140de 

600-1140es 600-1140fr 600-1140gr 600-1140it 600-1140jp 600-1140me 

600-1140pl 600-1140pt 600-1140ru 600-1140sc 600-1140uk 600-1150 600-1150a 

600-1151 600-1152 600-1155 600-1160ch 600-1160cs 600-1160de 600-1160es 

600-1160fr 600-1160gr 600-1160in 600-1160it 600-1160jp 600-1160me 600-1160nl 

600-1160pl 600-1160ru 600-1160sc 600-1160uk 600-1168cn 600-1168hk 600-1170a 

600-1170d 600-1170jp 600-1188cn 600-1188hk 600-1190jp


HP TouchSmart 600-1200 Desktop PC Series

HP TouchSmart 600-1200kr 600-1200t CTO 600-1205fr 600-1205it 

600-1205t CTO 600-1205uk 600-1205xt CTO 600-1210af 600-1210br 600-1210ch

 600-1210de 600-1210ea 600-1210es 600-1210fr 600-1210it 600-1210me 600-1210nl 

600-1210pl 600-1210pt 600-1210ru 600-1210sa 600-1210sc 600-1210uk 

600-1215 600-1215xt CTO 600-1220 600-1220ch 600-1220de 600-1220es 600-1220fr 

600-1220it 600-1220me 600-1220nl 600-1220ru 600-1220sa 600-1220sc 600-1220uk 

600-1236d 600-1238d 600-1240jp 600-1240la 600-1255qd CTO 600-1260jp 

600-1265qd CTO 600-1268cn 600-1268hk 600-1270d 600-1270jp 600-1280in

 600-1288cn 600-1288hk 600-1290a 600-1290jp

HP TouchSmart 600-1300 Desktop PC Series

HP TouchSmart 600-1300kr 600-1305t CTO 600-1315xt CTO 600-1320tw 600-1330jp

600-1340la 600-1344d 600-1346d 600-1348d 600-1350 600-1350a 600-1352 600-1360jp 

600-1365qd CTO 600-1367 600-1368hk 600-1370 600-1370a 600-1370d 600-1370JP 

600-1371 600-1388hk 600-1390 600-1390a 600-1390JP

HP TouchSmart 600-1400 Desktop PC Series


HP TouchSmart 600-1410be 600-1410ch 600-1410de 600-1410es 600-1410fr 

600-1410gr 600-1410hu 600-1410nl 600-1410pt 600-1410ru 600-1410uk 600-1420ad 

600-1420ch 600-1420de 600-1420es 600-1420fr 600-1420gr 600-1420me 600-1420ru 

600-1420uk 600-1430es

HP TouchSmart IQ520 Desktop PC Series

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HP TouchSmart IQ530 Desktop PC Series

HP TouchSmart Q530kr IQ531jp IQ532ch IQ532fr IQ532hk IQ532is IQ532it IQ532jp IQ532nl IQ532sc IQ535a IQ535es IQ535gr IQ535jp IQ535pt IQ535uk IQ537jp IQ538a IQ538hk IQ538tw IQ539tw


HP TouchSmart IQ540 Desktop PC Series


HP TouchSmart IQ540fr IQ540uk IQ541jp IQ542af IQ542fr IQ542uk IQ543hk IQ544jp IQ545a IQ545uk IQ546cn IQ546t CTO IQ548a IQ548cn IQ548hk

HP Omni 100-5200 series

HP Omni 100-5200z CTO 100-5205la 100-5206la 100-5210la 100-5211la 100-5212la 100-5215la 100-5216la 100-5216lat


HP Omni 105-5100 series

HP Omni 105-5131cx 105-5132cx 105-5133cx 105-5138cx 105-5139cx


HP Omni 105-5200 series

HP Omni 105-5211cx 105-5217cn 105-5218cx 105-5231cn 105-5233cx 105-5236cn 105-5238cn


HP Omni 305-5100 series

HP Omni 305-5116cx 305-5118cx 305-5119cx 305-5138cn 305-5139cn


HP Omni 305-5200 series

HP Omni 305-5216cn 305-5219cn 305-5239cn


HP all in one 200-5000 series

HP all in one 200-5000kr 200-5000t CTO 200-5011cn 200-5012d 200-5016d 200-5018cn 

200-5020 200-5020a 200-5020il 200-5020jp 200-5020la 200-5022la 200-5025la 200-5030jp 

200-5030la 200-5038cn 200-5038hk 200-5040a 200-5040in 200-5050jp 200-5058hk 200-5070d 200-5090d


HP all in one 200-5100 series

HP all in one 200-5100t CTO 200-5108hk 200-5110 200-5110br 200-5110de 

200-5110ea 200-5110fr 200-5110gr 200-5110pl 200-5110pt 200-5110sc 200-5110uk 

200-5111cn 200-5111es 200-5112d 200-5112fr 200-5112gr 200-5112it 200-5112pl

 200-5112uk 200-5112za 200-5118cn 200-5118d 200-5118hk 200-5120af 200-5120be

 200-5120br 200-5120cs 200-5120fr 200-5120is 200-5120it 200-5120jp 200-5120kr 

200-5120nl 200-5120pl 200-5120pt 200-5120ru 200-5120sc 200-5120uk 200-5130be

 200-5130ch 200-5130de 200-5130es 200-5130fr 200-5130jp 200-5130me 200-5130nl

 200-5130pl 200-5130sa 200-5130sc 200-5130uk 200-5138cn 200-5138hk 200-5140in

 200-5140jp 200-5150jp 200-5150la 200-5150t CTO 200-5158hk 200-5160a 200-5170d 

200-5170jp 200-5178hk 200-5190jp


HP all in one 200-5200 series

HP all in one 200-5200ch 200-5200fr 200-5200kr 200-5200t CTO 200-5210ad 

200-5210d 200-5210hu 200-5210is 200-5210nl 200-5210pl 200-5210ru 200-5210uk 

200-5210za 200-5211es 200-5216d 200-5216l 200-5218d 200-5218hk 200-5220a 

200-5220ad 200-5220be 200-5220cs 200-5220de 200-5220fr 200-5220gr 200-5220hu 

200-5220is 200-5220it 200-5220jp CTO 200-5220la 200-5220me 200-5220pt 

200-5230ad 200-5230fr 200-5230hu 200-5230pl 200-5230ru 200-5240a 200-5240la 

200-5240ru 200-5245la 200-5245ru 200-5250 

200-5250jp CTO 200-5250xt CTO 200-5251 200-5258hk 200-5260d 200-5270d 200-5280qd CTO


HP Omni Pro 110 All-in-One Business PC

HP Compaq 8200 Elite All in One Desktop PC

HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 Business PC

HP ENVY 20-d000 TouchSmart All-in-One series

HP ENVY 20-d000cn 20-d001cn 20-d001la 20-d003la 20-d005d 20-d006d 20-d010 

20-d010la 20-d010t 20-d011 20-d013w 20-d028d 20-d030 20-d030d 20-d030xt 

20-d034 20-d035hk 20-d038d 20-d045hk 20-d080jp 20-d090 20-d094 


HP ENVY 23-d100 TouchSmart All-in-One series

HP ENVY 23-d100ec 23-d100ee 23-d100el 23-d100ep 23-d100er 23-d100es 

23-d100et 23-d100tw 23-d101ec 23-d101el 23-d101er 23-d101es 23-d102er

 23-d103er 23-d104er 23-d105ef 23-d105er 23-d107ef 23-d107er 23-d108ef 23-d110a

23-d110ed 23-d110ee 23-d110ef 23-d110eu 23-d110fb 23-d112a 23-d112eb 23-d113a

 23-d114eb 23-d114eo 23-d115la 23-d116a 23-d117a 23-d117eo 23-d119 23-d120d 

23-d120ea 23-d120ed 23-d120ee 23-d120eg 23-d120ek 23-d120ev 23-d124eo 

23-d129 23-d130ea 23-d130ef 23-d130et 23-d131 23-d135ea 23-d139 23-d140t 

23-d145ez 23-d150 23-d150cn 23-d150er 23-d150xt 23-d151er 23-d160ef 23-d160ej 

23-d160ez 23-d160qd 23-d170cn 23-d180ea 


HP ENVY Recline 23-k000 TouchSmart All-in-One series 

HP ENVY Recline 23-k100 TouchSmart All-in-One series 

HP ENVY Recline 23-m100 TouchSmart All-in-One series 

HP ENVY Recline 27-k000 TouchSmart All-in-One PC Desktop PC series 


ECS G24 All-In-One PC

ECS G24 G24 E-DM Series 23.6

ECS G24 All-In-One PC

ECS G24 H87

ECS G24 H51

ECS G24 H61

ECS G24-H612CBU-11 G24-H612NBU-11

ECS G24-XXXXNWU-11 - Aura White Non-Touch Screen

ECS G24-XXXXNBU-11 - Aura Black Non-Touch Screen

ECS G24-XXXXCWU-11 - Aura White Multi-Touch Screen

ECS G24-XXXXCBU-11 - Aura Black Multi-Touch Screenbr />

ECS G11 G11 E-DM All-In-One PC 


HP Envy 32 Media Display Monitor HSTND-5001-A



HSTNN-CA27 A150A05AL AL192AA#ABA 363954-001 462603-001 462603-002

 463954-001 463558-001 463952-001 463954-001 497288-001 519333-001 519333-002

 585010-001 600081-001 613156-001 646212-001 645509-002 681058-001

 697317-001 TPC-CA52 A150A01CH HP-A1501A3B1 HSTNN-LA09 PA-1151-03 PA-1151-03HV AK875AA#ABA KG640AV#ABA PA-1181-02 HSTNN-LA03